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Packaging box is a printed product used by many products to protect products or guarantee quality. What are the production requirements for the customization of food packaging boxes for special products? Because food itself is a special product that is not suitable for long-term shelf life and easy to damage. But for packaging box customization manufacturers, they all have their own unique and effective methods.
1. The food itself is easy to oxidize, and the barrier property is one of the important properties in the customized design of food packaging boxes. When many foods are stored, due to the poor barrier of the packaging design itself, the flavor and quality of foods change and deteriorate, affecting the quality of foods.
The barrier requirements for customized design of packaging boxes are determined by the characteristics of food, which are manifested in external barrier, internal barrier or selective barrier. Barrier substances mainly include air, water, oil, light, microorganisms and so on. Because these will affect the food itself.
2. For some exported foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, during the storage process of customized design of packaging boxes, these things need to maintain the respiratory function. Therefore, such packaging design materials or containers have air permeability and can also control the respiratory function, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation.
3. In the process of food packaging and storage, if the packaging itself is not good, nutrition will be gradually lost. Therefore, the design of food packaging and packaging should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition, and it is more ideal to lock nutrition through packaging design.
4. In fact, there are many inherent requirements for food packaging design, such as heat resistance requirements, light shielding requirements, shatterproof requirements, moisture retention requirements, etc.
5. The external requirement of food packaging design is to use packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance and image of food, which is the external image and manifestation of food.
6. The safety of food packaging design includes hygiene safety, handling safety and use safety. Health and safety means that food packaging materials should not contain substances harmful to human body; In terms of packaging design technology, the nutritional composition, color and taste of the processed food should be kept unchanged as much as possible.
Handling safety refers to that the packaging design can ensure the safety in the process of transportation and loading and unloading, and should also include the safety of consumers when they pick up and when they buy. Use safety is to ensure that consumers will not be hurt during opening and eating.
Food packaging design is one of the best means of food promotion. The performance, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional components and cultural connotation of food can be publicized on the packaging. For more information, please visit our website Consult!